The Work in Progress
Our Temporary Baptist Church “Home”

“A family of diverse people seeking to follow Jesus”

Pixel size on your phone may be too "small"Pastor Peter Hanan and his wife Sally welcome people from all walks of life to visit our 10:30 am Sunday worship service, see note below.  Peter has been Pastor of the Church since 2016, and Sally is a retired local Primary School Teacher.


 Most Covid restrictions have been lifted and we are meeting face to face. We encourage you to join us Sundays at 10:30am Sections of the Sunday service is recorded and available online, alternatively a DVD can be made on request.

Please consider vulnerable people if you have a cold or not well and alternately watch the message on the internet.

You can call the office  and work out with the pastor if you need to visit him or a special phone chat.

 Also please consider a small Bible study group, rather than stay away. Please call the Pastor for details.


We are sponsoring a new Church at Cleve, South Australia.
Cleve people are known to be friendly and enthusiastic. For details contact Pastor Peter Hanan via Port Lincoln Church office.

See the menu above under contacts.

Here is a Link to Cleve Baptist Church.


Port Lincoln Baptist Church has moved from the Old Building. Church meetings are now at the new temporary “home”, the Port Lincoln Church of Christ building. We now meet at the corner of Matilda St and Haigh St, until a new building is completed. When the new building meets the safety requirements and council rules fulfilled, we will move again into our new building.

Port Lincoln Baptist Church building in progress

Construction in progress but we have “handed over” our rights to go there due to safety laws of the SA government.
Please do not enter the sight without the builder’s legal permission.
They monitor the safety issue very seriously.

Future Sketch

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