Times & Places

 Sunday Gathering 

 10:30AM  We  meet at 7 Ravendale road, Port Lincoln,  followed by a cup of coffee or tea. Also an informal basic lunch on the first week of the month, which members and regulars contribute a little extra food for visitors to eat with us.

Mid Week Gatherings at Church Cafeteria

1:30 to 4:30pm, Wednesday, “Living Water’s Cafe”, casual cup of coffee and cake, with all people, both believers and non-believers in God are attending the new Church Cafe. This is an opportunity to build relationships with the local community; providing support spiritually, physically and socially.


First Thursday of the Month, 10am,    F.R.O.G. Ladies fellowship, for all ages at the Church cafeteria. (Pam).


  • 11am  Monday, Men and Women, Prayer meeting, at church

Mid Week Gatherings at homes

  • Tuesday, Women’s study group 10am to noon during school term, contact Sherree.
  • Tuesday, Young Families (Women/Men alternate weeks)  7:30pm, contact Kate.
  • Wednesday, Families (children participating) 6:15pm for shared tea. Study 7:30pm, contact Renee. 
  • Josh and Heather T’s  home group. Call Heather for details.
  • The other home home group is pretty well full but might be splitting into two groups, so please ask around Church for updates



   Thursday 7:15pm (7pm for some) Thursday night music practice.



Feel free to join us!