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Sunday Service

20th Dec 2020  Part 1  of 3 parts

20th Dec 2020  Part 2 (of 3 parts)

20th Dec 2020  Part 3

Sunday Service – 13 Dec 2020


29th November Service

Sunday Service

Nov 22nd 2020

Sunday Service

Guest Speaker: Ps Rob Dunn (Retired)
15 Nov 2020 Mr Hawke leading the Service (picture below)

Sunday Service
Limited recording  1st Nov 2020

Guest speaker Mr Mark van Rossen, of Wycliffe Bible Translators

Sunday Service

25th October 2020

Guest speakers Thomas and Joannah Crowe from SIM.

Sunday Service

Ps Peter Hanan with Mrs Hawke Leading the singing [picture below].
18th October 2020

Sunday Service

Children’s Talk and Guest Speakers from Ethiopia

11th October 2020

Sunday 4th October 2020

Guest Speaker  Neville Carlier
with a Picture of D.J. leading the service

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Sunday Service 27th Sept [ music removed ].

20th September Message

13th September Message

6th September message

30th August message

Note: A few minor points did not make it to the net due to technical issues.

27th August Service

Ps Peter Hanan


16th August Message

Guest Speaker Ps Rob Dunn

Notes -in powerpoint to download

9th August Sunday  Service

2nd August Service

19th July service

28th June Service


Where is Your Heart

By PeterHawke, 19 Apr 2020

Test 1







Easter Friday Message


Easter Sunday Message






Words From the Cross Part 3

Jesus’ Word from the Cross Part 1
15/03/20 [Sound level is low]

Being Duped

By Robert Dunn 6-3-2020

Children’s Service


Children’s Service Part 2

Feb 2020

Children’s Service PART 3

Feb 2020

Legacy Is More Than A Building Part 2

Feb 2020

Legacy Is More Than A Building Part 1

Peter Hanan   Jan 2020
Port Lincoln Baptist Church

God Is With Us Always

Ps Peter Hanan

21 Jan 2020

Psalm 139:1-12 Joshua 1v5 Matt 28:18-20

God is in Control

29 Dec 2019    Ps Peter Hanan

God Is In Control Part 2

29 Dec 2019    Ps Peter Hanan

Who Needs A Saviour

Ps Peter Hanan 25 Dec 2019

Are You Where God Wants You To Be

Ps Peter Hanan 22 Dec 2019

 Peter Shirley
8 Dec 2019

Second Week of Advent
When is a miracle a Miracle?

Luke 1 v1-26

Ps Peter Hanan 1 Dec 2019

Testimony 1 Dec 2019

This Video is unlisted and others may need to go through this websight and not Google search.

The Mystery And Miracle of Christ

Peter Hanan 24/11/19
Luke 18 v15-17
Isaiah 9 v6-7

Sermon on the Mount Part 9

By Peter Hanan
27 October 2019
Matthew 7 v24-29

October Children’s Talk

Guest Speaker Neville Carlier

Guest Speaker Neville Carlier

Oct 10 2019

Sermon on the Mount Part 8

13th October 2019
Peter Hanan
Matthew 6 v19-34
Store treasures in heaven not here on earth
If your motivation is to get attention your reward is here on earth.
1 Tim6 v7
“Mammon” is not just money it is anything you put your trust in.
Seek First the Kingdom of God.


By Peter Hawke
Psalm 16 v11
1 Peter 1 v8
John 15 v11
Nehemiah 8 v10
Hebrews 12 v2
John 16 v22 & v24
Romans 15 v13
Galatians 5 v22
Phil 4 v4
Act 13 v52
1 Thes 2 v9 and v20

Sermon on the Mount Mat 5v21-48

Peter Hanan 22 Sept 2019

Failing to reconcile is sin
… thoughts to kill
… thoughts of adultery
… thoughts of anger and dwelling on it
… ” be perfect”, the consequences and solution of our failings. More important points in video below.

Sermon on the Mount

15 Sep 2019

Jesus came to fulfill the law…   Part 1 of 2

Matthew 5 v17 to 20
Micah 5 v2
Hosea 11 v1
Hebrews 10 v1

Sermon on the Mount

Jesus came to fulfil the law  Part 2 of 2    15 Sep 2019


Speaker: Robert Dunn 8 Sep 2019

Be Prepared…    Part 1

Be Prepared…    Part 2

Be Prepared…   Part 3

Psalm 1

By Neville Carlier

The Path to the Cross

Peter Hanan 29th Mar 2019


Psalm 139

DJ 17 Feb 2019 [Approx 32 mins]



Now is the Time Part 2

4 Feb 2019



The Path to the Cross

Peter Hanan 29th Mar 2019




Psalm 139

DJ 17 Feb 2019 [Approx 32 mins]