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25th July 2021 Childrens Talk by Peter Hawk

25th July 2021 Message
By Ps Peter Hanan

18th July Message


Powerpoint presentation with sound, of Message

11th July 2021 Please click on link below

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2021 July 4th Announcements Communion and Introduction

Ruben leading service

N.B.  Message separate clip

Message Peter Hanan  2021 July 4th

EPHESIANS       ….continued

2021 07 04

27th June Service

PastorPeter Hanan

Ephesians  continued…

John Schramm Leading service (Picture below).

20th June Sunday service


13th June Message and announcements

Guest Speaker Neville Carlier



6th June Message Ephesians  [Continued]


Testimony and Announcements

Message and Announcements

30th May 2021



Main Message and Testimony

23rd May 2021


23rd May 2021


Introduction and Announcements

2021 05 16


16May 2021 Main Message



Childrens Talk and Introduction

9th May

Stand alone Unedited version of Kid’s story… single camera HD

9th May Message


2nd May 2021 Testimony and Announcements

2nd May Message on Ephesians
By Ps Peter Hanan



25th Apr 2021 Service


Main Message 25th Apr 2021 Service [Basic editing version only]
Pastor Peter Hanan



18th Apr 2021 News and Introduction, by “DJ”.

Main Message 18th Apr 2021
Guest Speaker  Peter Hawke

Introduction and Testimonies

11th April

Main Message

“I AM A FAILURE” …I’m here to turm myself in. Luke 5 v4-8
Message by Peter Hanan
At Port Lincoln Baptist Church
11th APR 2021


Two Part Sunday service  21st Mar2021

Part 1:  Introduction, Announcements and sharing
Note: The Good morning Icon at the start of this has a faint ghost image of the cross, the pastor and the background pianest. This was not intentional.

Part 2:  Message 21st Mar 2021

14th March 2021

Ps Peter Hanan

Ephesians  -Continued

7 March 2021  Available approx.

Special Sharing Service —Next week Ephesians

28 Feb 2021

Child friendly service with Elmo

Message 28 Feb

Ps Peter and Sally Hanan, Child friendly service with Elmo

21st Feb 2021 Service

Guest Speaker DJ

7 Feb 2021 Service

Ps Peter Hanan

31 Jan 2021 Service
Ps Peter Hanan

24th Jan 2021 Service
Including testimonies

Sunday 27th December Service
Note: Picture of Ruben in Introduction

Part 1

Part 2 -Main Service

Christmas Service