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Be Prepared Part 1

Be Prepared Part 2

Be Prepared Part 3

Psalm 1

By Neville Carlier 18 Aug 2019. Psalm 1, 2 Cor 4 v 8-10

Sermon on the mount #3 “Blessed are the Peacemakers”

Matthew 5v10-12 By Peter Hanan 11 Aug 2019
One who reduces the tension of the situation.
Bringing fairness to a situation

Is 52 v7
1 Peter3 v15
Reveletion 6 v9-11

Sermon on the Mount #1    “Kingdom of Heaven”

Matthew 5 v1-12  Mat 4 v6-7 & v25, Ch 7 v28.  Ps Peter Hanan


What is in a Name

Jesus Found…     Jesus Traveled…    Jesus Healed…   Acts 9 v32

Ps Peter Hanan 21 July 2019


The First Miracle of Jesus

By D.J. [Darren Johnston]     14 July 2019

Why Did Jesus “Do” Miracles?
Port Lincoln Baptist Church.
Miracle signs are pointing to…
The speaker answers : “Was he just meeting the needs of people?”
Do we just want the benefits of an easy ride?

Things are not always what they seem

7 July2019 Ps. Peter Hanan



Love 1Corinthians 13 Love is like comparing a Fake $50 note with a real one

30 June 2019 Guest speaker:   Neville

New Edited version with Illustrations –Quality improved



Peace, Promise and feeling anxious

Ps Peter Hannan July2019

Life is Likened to Coffee

Ps Peter Hannan



Pastor Wanganine

16 Joue 2019


The Harvest Matthew 9 v35-38

Ps Peter Hanan May 2019


Easter 2019

Pastor Peter Hanan

Palm Sunday

14th April 2019 Robert Dunn



The Path to the Cross

Peter Hanan 29th Mar 2019




Psalm 139

DJ 17 Feb 2019 [Approx 32 mins]



Now is the Time Part 2




Acceptance of Others

Sally Hanan   Oct 7th 2018

Forgiveness and Philemon

Ps Peter  14 Oct 2018


Forgiveness and Philemon #2

21/10/2018 Ps. Peter Hanan

Acceptance and forgiveness in the book of Philemon

Anzac Day


Work and the Bible

Work And The Bible #2

Pastor Peter Hanan 20/12/2018

The Word Became flesh

Peter Hawke 14Dec 2018

Christmas 2018

Dec 23rd

Guidance -Children’s Talk

Neville 30 Dec 2018





Pastor Peter 27th Jan 2019

Now is the Time to Act