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Main Message Video link 28th Nov 2021

Child Friendly service Children’s and Adults Talk Nov 14th

Main Message related to Children’s Talk Above Nov 14th

Ecclesiastes Part 2, [Part 1 on website]
Note: Synergy means working together.

Oct 31st
Bible readings by John S, then  Message by Dr Neville Carlier


Oct 24th Sunday Testimonies, Communion talk, then Message
N.B. Some testimonies are not uploaded due to sound not clear.

Oct 17th Sunday Service
“Thanksgiving”, by Ps Peter Hanan, with Ruben Leading and various people giving testimonies.


  1. Baptism at the Beach.
  2.   Testimonies.
  3.   Message by Ps Peter Hanan, “The Book of John”.

Message and Elmo Feb 28 2021