Welcome to Port Lincoln Baptist Church


Old Building                                                  Temporary Building

“A family of diverse people
seeking to follow Jesus”

Pastor Peter Hanan and his wife Sally welcome people from all walks of life to visit our 10:30am worship service.

Peter has been Pastor of the Church for a couple of years, and Sally is a local Primary School Teacher.



Port Lincoln Baptist Church has moved from the Old Building

Church meetings are now at the new temporary “home”, the Port Lincoln Church of Christ. 

Now we are at the corner of Matilda St and Haigh St, until a new building is built. When the proposed building meets lockup stage with safety requirements fulfilled, we will move again.


Port Lincoln Baptist Church has purchased land

It’s on Ravendale Road and we are planning to commence building a new worship center and facilities in 2019.

We have demolished the old house at our new building location. If you need any used materials, please contact the office.

You will only see a big safety fence viewing from the main road at the new sight. We have “surrendered” our rights to go there due to safety laws of the SA government. They monitor the safety issue very seriously.